Seminar on Gender and Governance

Posted by Magic Lantern Movies LLP on January 14, 2011
Seminar on Gender and Governance
Interested participants are expected to register for the seminar. Photograph: Magic Lantern Foundation

Seminar/Panel in Collaboration with UN Women
Thursday, 10th February, 11: 00 am to 4:00
IIC Conference Room 1

Gender and Governance, the relationship between these two terms is often ignored and sidelined in both theoretical writing and public discourse. In academic writings, as also otherwise, there was until recently a clear divide between the public and the private, where governance would belong to the public realm and gender to the private. However, today, this conceptual distinction no longer stands. The public and private now interact with each other at every level, engage and debate with each other and it is against this background that the relationship of gender and governance needs to be examined. The study of gendered governance includes both the study of women and feminity as well as men and masculinity.

Persistence Resistance: Edge of visual narrative, 2011 looks at the relationship between Gender and Governance with respect to the films of Kim Longinotto and Rahul Roy, which are a part of our retrospective section. For both Kim Longinotto and Rahul Roy, the interactions between gender and governance play out in their films. Many of Longinotto’s film engage with female sexuality and oppression within institutional backgrounds-legal, political, social etc. Similarly Rahul Roy explores masculinity and gender relations within the urban working class spaces. The seminar brings together b